Ep 8: The Dress, The Drama, and Xander Porn by Slayerfest98

Ep 7: I Dream of Clea DuVall by Slayerfest98

Ep 6: I, Catfish...You, Sid by Slayerfest98

In this episode, your hosts Ian(twitter.com/ianxcarlos) and Mathew (twitter.com/mathewrodriguez) discuss all the Buffy 20th Anniversary content and that stellar Entertainment Weekly reunion.

On today's episode, we're here to talk about Buffy's original heartthrob, Angel, and his eponymous episode, "Angel" in season one. Together with JE Reich (twitter.com/jereichwrites), Mathew (twitter.com/mathewrodriguez) and Ian (twitter.com/ianxcarlos) discuss whether Angel is the original lesbian and why he keeps failing at everything.

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